Test under gynecological control




Results of the use test under gynecological control




Improves skin elasticity

Improves the flexibility of the tissues of the perineum and vulva


Protects against attacks linked to friction

Prevents irritation

Repairs (helps healing)


Calms discomfort and inflammation


The product protects against potential daily discomforts

The product calms redness

The product soothes itching

The product soothes burns

The product relieves possible irritations

The product does not stain clothes

The product helps restore the skin's natural protection

The texture is pleasant

The smell is pleasant

The product prevents intimate dryness

The product reduces friction of the vulva against fabrics (underwear) and thus protects the vulva from irritation


Test carried out on 20 women aged 32 to 50 suffering from discomfort, dryness, and/or sensitive and irritated mucous membranes for 28 days , by an independent laboratory.