Vulva, clitoris, perineum, vestibule, in fact all external intimate mucous membranes can be relieved by our treatment oil.

A full pressure gives you a generous dose...but it's up to you to dose the pressure according to the area to be treated! It can also be applied to your stitches.

For those in less of a hurry or those who are more diligent, we encourage you to massage the area to optimize the properties.

I am pregnant/breastfeeding/under treatment (hormonal, chemotherapy), can I use INTIMA RESCUE?

Yes absolutely. INTIMA RESCUE has been specially formulated so that there are no allergens, no endocrine disruptors, no essential oils, no controversial substances, no perfume and no alcohol.

Our treatment is tested under gynecological control.

As nurses, it was important to us that ALL women, even the most “fragile”, could benefit from it.

Can I put the oil on stitches (tears, episiotomy, etc.)?

Yes absolutely. INTIMA RESCUE has been specially designed and formulated for use immediately postpartum.

As maternity nurses, we know the importance of taking care of your perineum and vulva as early as possible to reduce pain and improve healing.

In addition, INTIMA RESCUE provides a protective barrier against moisture from bleeding and burning when urinating.

Our treatment has been gynecologically validated.

So there is absolutely no reason to deprive yourself of it to have the most wonderful postpartum and fully enjoy your newborn :)

Is the oil vegan?

Yes, 100%, it contains NO ingredients of animal origin and is not tested on animals.

Our goal is that ALL women, whatever their lifestyle, can benefit from our care.

In respect of the balance of nature and our planet.

What is the shelf life of INTIMA RESCUE?

INTIMA RESCUE benefits from optimal and hygienic conservation thanks to its airless bottle!

Without contact with air or any bacteria, it can be used up to 12 months after the first use (in fact, since the formula does not oxidize, you can use it without an expiry date! But, we are legally required to write down this period which corresponds to the legal period of maximum use).

We used vitamin E, a powerful natural preservative.

How to recycle packaging?

Our packaging is REALLY 100% recyclable, because we went so far as to find a non-metallic spring (for the airless effect of the pump)!

The entire bottle is thrown into the recycling bin. We have chosen no-frills packaging, and thus avoid producing cardboard packaging.

Is INTIMA RESCUE compatible with condoms?

Like any oily treatment, it is not compatible with latex.