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The goal of Womanology is to provide women with a space for information and education. We want to allow you to interact with professionals who are committed and aware of female pain and the issues that accompany it.
In continuation of this commitment, we provide you with educational accounts and directories of health professionals aware of and/or trained in the management of your pain.


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Directory of “Périnée bien-aimé” :



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Directory of the “Les clés de Vénus”



Educational accounts:

Vagiquoi : https://www.instagram.com/vagiquoi/
pelvic flow PelvicFloow : https://www.instagram.com/pelvicflow/
hello vulvae
Vulvae Health Foundation : https://www.instagram.com/hellovulvae/

the pipettes Les pipelettes : https://www.instagram.com/lespipelettesorg/
endo justice Endometriosis Justice Association : https://www.instagram.com/justiceendo/
super endo girl Superendogirl : https://www.instagram.com/superendogirl/
sex advice Les Conseils Sexo : https://www.instagram.com/lesconseils_sexo/
body I listen to you Corps je t'écoute :https://www.instagram.com/corpsjetecoute/