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Comment icon Sarah

A treat for my vulva ☁️ 💕🌸
This 4 in 1 treatment oil is truly a marvel 🥰, my vulva loves it 💕🌸🥹!
I can't do without it, that's to tell you... Honestly, I don't regret my purchase.

Date of experience : November 9, 2023
Published : November 23, 2023



Comment icon Charlotte

I have suffered from vulvodynia for several years, so I have tried several products. This one is definitely number 1! It really relieves my symptoms. THANKS

Date of experience : October 20, 2023
Published : October 20, 2023



Comment icon Anne-Laure

Currently undergoing treatment with hormone therapy (…) which causes a lot of gynecological (…) inconvenience. I apply the oil every day and the feelings of discomfort and dryness are reduced.

Date of experience : September 26, 2023
Published : October 13, 2023



Comment icon Caroline

I tried Intima Rescue to relieve my lichen sclerosus and the effect was most beneficial. The application is simple, very pleasant. I recommend !

Date of experience : October 14, 2023
Published : October 30, 2023



Comment icon M.

After weeks of treatment for PMA, my vulva was dry and brittle, irritated by eggs twice a day. The oil allowed me to repair this in a few applications. Since then we have also used it with my husband for foreplay. It's super soft, smells good, the bottle is very practical. I recommend !

Date of experience : November 20, 2023
Published : 1 d December 2023



Comment icon Lucie Piet

As an osteopath specializing in sexology, I recommend this product to my patients. It is very well tolerated, soothes and allows patients to have better sexual health. Whether at any time in a woman's life (such as pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause). I can also recommend it for irritation after intercourse, and I have excellent feedback!! THANK YOU for this great work, this great product!!

Date of experience : June 30, 2023
Published : November 17, 2023