Who are we ?

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It's a story of nurses, friendship and generations! 20 years separate us, but the same desire to take care of you drives us. At the heart of Womanology: YOU! Your pain and discomfort the kind we see every day in our maternity wards and hospital services.As professionals, we know that there are natural solutions to relieve your pain. Our mission : to share these solutions with you, so that you can enjoy every stage of your life as a woman.Laurence and Vanessa

 Kindness and authenticity

At the heart of our nursing profession, they are also the foundation of Womanology ! A commitment to your needs and your well-being.

 Nature and transparency

100% natural and vegan formulas. Our ingredients are traceable and produced in France.

Womanology values


Through respect for our bodies, whatever they may be, knowledge and exchange. Supporting each other by creating a non-judgmental bond, and changing societal representations of female intimacy.

Holistic vision

Our body speaks to us through our pain. Our well-being is a subtle and global balance that includes the physical, the psychological and the emotional.